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Tixl Airdrop (TXLT)

➡️ 100 TXLT ~ n.a. ⬅️

Join the TIXL Airdrop now and earn 100 free TXLT tokens with an estimated value of n.a..
Our step-by-step guide makes it as easy as possible for you to get your free tokens.

➡️ TIXL AIRDROP: Step-by-step ⬅️

TIXL AIrdrop TXLTDifficulty: Very easy
Ends: n.a.

1. Open Tixl website + click on “Claim Free EXLT”

2. Verify your email + login

3. Submit your Stellar address

4. Add a trustline (Accept asset) to your Stellar wallet. You can do that with Stellar Term

❗️ Scroll down to read the comment ❗️

Asset code: TXLT
Tixl Token Domain (required by some wallets):

5. Join Airdrop Guru’s Telegram group (optional)

6. Receive 100 TXLT* ~ n.a.

*20 TXLT for every referral

Start Tixl Airdrop !

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  • Christian
    April 19, 2019, 8:31 pm

    I’m Christian – Co-Founder of Tixl (

    In order to check the validity of Tixl’s idea and concept, we commissioned a company to carry out a plausibility audit. In addition to the essentially positive feedback, this audit resulted in an improvement suggestion with regard to the total number of available Tixl tokens.

    As some of you may have noticed, we decided to introduce the MTXL unit. 1 MTXL corresponds to 1,000,000 TXL (one million TXL). You can read the background in chapter 1.4 of our Whitepaper.

    Consequently we want to release the Tixl Token (TXLT) on Stellar now in the unit MTXLT. This means that you have to adjust the Trust Line in your Stellar Wallet. So in order to receive your tokens after the airdrop you must remove the TXLT asset from your wallet and establish a new trust line with the new asset code and issuer address:

    From now on you will also find this Issuer address on our Account page.

    Best, Christian