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TOP 10 Airdrops

Recommended Airdrop: BOND FILM PLATFORM (BFP)
Bond Film Platform Airdrop BFPBond Film Platform Airdrop BFP
Earn 300 BFP tokens with an estimated value of ~ $30 USD

Difficulty: Easy

Telegram Twitter

Step-by-Step Guide

Top 10:

Name:Airdrop:Difficulty:Go to:
P2PS Airdrop P2PSP2PS (P2PS)2,500 P2PS ~ $75Medium Telegram Twitter Facebook Reddit LinkedIn Step-by-Step Guide
Felixo Airdrop FLXFELIXO (FLX)4,000 FLX ~ $40Medium Email Mobile KYC Step-by-Step Guide
Particl Airdrop PARTPARTICL (PART)


Lifetime staking sharesMedium Email Step-by-Step Guide


GRX ~ $5Very easy Telegram Step-by-Step Guide
Bank of Hodlers Airdrop BOHBANK OF HODLERS (BOH)100 BOH ~ $20Very easy Email Step-by-Step Guide
Medicall Airdrop MDCMEDICALL (MCD)500 MCD ~ $40Easy Telegram Twitter Youtube Step-by-Step Guide
Bond Film Platform Airdrop BFPBOND FILM PLATFORM (BFP)300 BFP ~ $30Easy Telegram Twitter Step-by-Step Guide
Oodlebit Airdrop OODL


Final Round

55 OODL ~ $27.50Easy Email Telegram Twitter Step-by-Step Guide