Mero Currency Airdrop (MRO)

➡️ 50 MRO ~ N/A ⬅️

Join the Mero Currency Airdrop now and earn 50 free MRO tokens with an estimated value of N/A.
Our step-by-step guide makes it as easy as possible for you to get your free tokens.

➡️ MERO CURRENCY AIRDROP: Step-by-step ⬅️

Mero Currency Airdrop MRO

Difficulty: Medium
Ends: N/A

Download Telegram Twitter
1. Open Mero Currency Airdrop form

2. Join Telegram channel

3. Join Telegram channel #2

4. Follow Twitter

5. Follow Twitter #2

6. Post this below as a tweet on your account (copy and paste below):

🚀🔥💥 50 $MRO Airdrop of Mero Currency starts today!💥
Mero Currency is a deflating currency similar to $BOMB $NUKE and $ETHPLO but our burn rate is .001% making us a useable currency.
Click here to recieve the airdrop:

7. Retweet this tweet

8. Download Coinomi App

9. Create Mero currency address at Coinomi + Take a screenshot

10. Upload Screnshot

11. Join Airdrop Guru’s Telegram group (optional)

12. Receive 50 MRO* ~ N/A

*10 MRO tokens for every referral

Start Mero Currency Airdrop !

Please leave a comment if this airdrop is expired and help us build the best airdrop community.

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