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Maya Preferred 223 Airdrop (MAPR)

➡️ 2 MAPR ~ $27 USD ⬅️

Join the Maya Preferred 223 Airdrop now and earn 2 free MAPR tokens with an estimated value of $27 USD.
Our step-by-step guide makes it as easy as possible for you to get your free tokens.

➡️ MAYA PREFERRED 223 AIRDROP: Step-by-step ⬅️

Maya Preferred 223 Airdrop MAPRDifficulty: Easy
Ends: N/A

Telegram Twitter
1. Start Telegram Bot

2. Join Telegram group

3. Join Telegram channel

4. Follow Twitter

5. Submit ETH wallet address

6. Join Airdrop Guru’s Telegram group (optional)

7. Receive 2 MAPR* ~ $27

*1 MAPR for every referral

Start Maya Preferred 223 Airdrop !

Please leave a comment if this airdrop is expired and help us build the best airdrop community.

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