If you are looking for a way to get Bitcoins and other tokens for free, you are at the right address with the so-called Crypto Faucets. These faucets ‘drip’ tiny amounts of crypto to their users. You have to claim these tiny bits of crypto every couple of minutes, hours or once a day. The Crypto Faucet websites are generally supported by ad revenue. For this reason the faucet websites has a lot of ads, including a lot of redirects. Nevertheless these Faucets represent a good opportunity to get crypto currencies for free. The following is a list of long-paying, reliable crypto faucet.

Crypto Faucets:

Faucet:Coin:Claim period:
PIPEFLAREZCASH (ZEC) + PIVX20 hoursStep-by-Step Guide
EARNBITCOINBitcoin (BTC)24 hoursStep-by-Step Guide
BONUS BITCOINBitcoin (BTC)15 MinsStep-by-Step Guide
FREEBITCOINBitcoin (BTC)60 minsStep-by-Step Guide
MOON LITECOINLitecoin (LTC)5 minutesStep-by-Step Guide
MOON DOGECOINDogecoin (DOGE)5 minutesStep-by-Step Guide
MOON DASHDash (DASH)5 minutesStep-by-Step Guide
MOON BITCOIN CASHBitcoin Cash (BCH)5 minutesStep-by-Step Guide
BIT FUNBitcoin (BTC)3 minutesStep-by-Step Guide
MOON BITCOIN (BTC)BITCOIN (BTC)5 minutesStep-by-Step Guide