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Difficulty: Very easy
Step-by-Step Guide

Active Airdrops

Name:Airdrop:Difficulty:Go to:
550 XGAT ~ $11Medium Step-by-Step Guide

12 RLD ~ $30
Easy Step-by-Step Guide
100 dCNP ~ $500Easy Step-by-Step Guide
0.01 WIZ ~ $0,45Easy Step-by-Step Guide
0.1 YFW ~ $6Easy Step-by-Step Guide
31 DTK ~ $7,75Easy Step-by-Step Guide
1 YFD ~ $100Easy Step-by-Step Guide

1 YFFT ~ $50
Easy Step-by-Step Guide
Round 2
0.2 YFIG ~ $16Easy Step-by-Step Guide
500 HUSWAP ~ $25Medium Step-by-Step Guide
1 YWLD ~ $12Easy Step-by-Step Guide
6.25 NFC ~ $20Easy Step-by-Step Guide
5,000 DIBI ~ $5Easy Step-by-Step Guide
DOGECOIN FAUCETWin up to 10 DOGE every hourVery easy Step-by-Step Guide
INSURANCE FINTECH (IFC)0.3 IFC ~ $21EasyStep-by-Step Guide
TENXCORE (10xC)10xC ~ $10EasyStep-by-Step Guide
GOLDBAR (GXB)500 GXB ~ $17,50EasyStep-by-Step Guide
BAKERKING (BAKER)500 BAKER ~ N/AEasyStep-by-Step Guide
ALBETRAGE (ATE)3,000 ATE ~ N/AEasyStep-by-Step Guide
MOSDAO (HERO)2.1 HERO ~ $20EasyStep-by-Step Guide
YYFI PROTOCOL (YYFI)0.05 YYFI ~ $25EasyStep-by-Step Guide
TRONETWORK (TRO)0.05 TRO ~ $25EasyStep-by-Step Guide
YEARN FINANCE MONEY (YFIM)0.004 YFIM ~ $6EasyStep-by-Step Guide
RANK TOKEN (RANK)2.000 RANK ~ $3EasyStep-by-Step Guide
YEARN GLOBAL (YG)0.2 YG ~ $5,80EasyStep-by-Step Guide
EAURIC (EAURIC)5 EAURIC ~ $10EasyStep-by-Step Guide
HRD COIN (HRD)300 HRD ~ $4,50EasyStep-by-Step Guide
YFI MATRIX (YFIM + YFI)YFIM + YFI ~ $17Very easy Step-by-Step Guide
CREDITCHAIN PROTOCOL (CCP)CCP ~ $25Medium Step-by-Step Guide
RFINANCE (RFI)1 RFI ~ $8,80EasyStep-by-Step Guide
HIZ FINANCE (HIZ)2 HIZ ~ $4Easy Step-by-Step Guide
CitrixDeFi PROTOCOL (CDFX)40 CDFX ~ $6MediumStep-by-Step Guide
PARADEFI (PRT)PRT ~ $5EasyStep-by-Step Guide
FNATICX (FNX)40 FNX ~ $40EasyStep-by-Step Guide
YEARN FINANCE NETWORK (YFN)0.4 YFN ~ $4EasyStep-by-Step Guide
DFY FINANCE (DFY)0.5 DFY ~ $4EasyStep-by-Step Guide
UNIDARK (DARK)0.02 DARK ~ $$$Very easyStep-by-Step Guide
1 YFIC ~ $1
Very easyStep-by-Step Guide
MULTI CHANNEL NETWORK (MCN)50 MCN ~ $5EasyStep-by-Step Guide
EMERALD COIN (EMDC)70 EMDC ~ N/AMediumStep-by-Step Guide
P2PL FINANCE (P2PL)0.0025 P2PL ~ $2,50Very easyStep-by-Step Guide
ETHSKYTRIX (ESKT)9 ESKT ~ $9EasyStep-by-Step Guide
KYCARD (TRX)$20,000 TRX Prize PoolEasyStep-by-Step Guide
JBOX COIN (JBOX)100 JBOX ~ $10EasyStep-by-Step Guide
PROPERTY INFO FILE (PIF)10 PIF ~ $10EasyStep-by-Step Guide
CANDELA COIN (CLA)200 CLA ~ $6EasyStep-by-Step Guide
20 BDAM ~ $4
EasyStep-by-Step Guide
PCASH (PCH)250 PCH ~ $32,50HardStep-by-Step Guide
9,500 CBR ~ $4
Very easyStep-by-Step Guide
ASSET POWDER (ASPX)10 ASPX ~ $4,50Very easyStep-by-Step Guide
Instant payouts
EasyStep-by-Step Guide
OILAGE (OIL)2,000 OIL ~ $34EasyStep-by-Step Guide
SOUND BLOCKCHAIN PROTOCOL (SBP)1,500 SBP ~ $2MediumStep-by-Step Guide
BITCASTLE (CASTLE)12,500 CASTLE ~ $6,25MediumStep-by-Step Guide
ZEBPROTOCOL (ZEB)2,000 ZEB ~ $4EasyStep-by-Step Guide
EXENOX(EXNX)22.875 EXNX ~ $4,57MediumStep-by-Step Guide
JACKSBET (BTC)0.02 mBTC + 6.6666 BTC Prize PoolVery easyStep-by-Step Guide
CRYPTOADS (CRAD)160 CRAD ~ $0,60MediumStep-by-Step Guide
CORIONX (CORX)400 CORX ~ $6EasyStep-by-Step Guide
RINOBET (TRX)100 TRX ~ $1,76+ 3,000,000 TRX GiveawayVery easyStep-by-Step Guide
MCI PLATFORM (MCI)560 MCI ~ $7Medium Step-by-Step Guide
COVIR (CVR)10 CVR ~ $2EasyStep-by-Step Guide
ATTN (ATTN)25 ATTN ~ $3Very easyStep-by-Step Guide
CLIPX (CXC)90 CXC ~ 13,50EasyStep-by-Step Guide
SIROT TOKEN (SIROT)1,000 SIROT ~ $2,50EasyStep-by-Step Guide
EARNBITCOIN (BTC)0.0001 BTC ~ $1Very easyStep-by-Step Guide
FIRMACHAIN (FCT)FCT ~ $2,50Medium Step-by-Step Guide
PUBLICAE (PBLC)200 PBLC ~ $4Medium Step-by-Step Guide
FLAME EXCHANGE (FXL)500 FXL ~ $10Medium Step-by-Step Guide
ETHSKYTRIX (ESKT)6 ESKT ~ $6Medium Step-by-Step Guide
CARACAL COIN (CRLC)900 CRLC ~ $18EasyStep-by-Step Guide
CRYPTODAILY (CRDT)70 CRDT ~ $2,10EasyStep-by-Step Guide
FRIEND007 (F007)3575 F007 ~ N/AEasyStep-by-Step Guide
KINGCASINO (KCT)20 KCT ~ $36MediumStep-by-Step Guide
3WM (3WM)200 3WM ~ $15,50EasyStep-by-Step Guide
COINMARKETBRASIL (CMBT)30 CMBT ~ $22EasyStep-by-Step Guide
THE COIN JOURNAL (JRL)1,000 JRL ~ $10EasyStep-by-Step Guide
HOM TOKEN (HOMT)60 HOMT ~ $15MediumStep-by-Step Guide
BITCOIN CLASSIC (BXC)30 BXC ~ $1,95Easy Step-by-Step Guide
TRANSFEREUIM (TRN)45 TRN ~ $10Very easy Step-by-Step Guide
BITCASTLE (CASTLE)300,000 CASTLE ~ $5EasyStep-by-Step Guide
HIGH ROI (HROI)62,500 HROI ~ $5EasyStep-by-Step Guide
HACKENAI (HAI)400 HAI ~ $4Medium Step-by-Step Guide
NANODEX (NNX)25 NNX ~ $5,50EasyStep-by-Step Guide
ZAPAYGO (ZHT)ZHT ~ $5EasyStep-by-Step Guide
JUNGLE TOKEN (JT)37,000 JT ~ N/AEasyStep-by-Step Guide
THERRIS (THRX)180 THRX ~ $7,20Medium Step-by-Step Guide
GAIMIN (GMRX)270 GMRX ~ $27Medium Step-by-Step Guide
P2P ULTRA (PTRA)37.5 PTRA ~ N/AEasyStep-by-Step Guide
YOUENGINE (YOUC)150 YOUC ~ $15Hard Step-by-Step Guide
CURATE (XCUR)1.5 XCUR ~ N/AEasy Step-by-Step Guide
EXENOX (EXNX)10 EXNX ~ $5Medium Step-by-Step Guide
FINNEXUS (FNX)10 FNX ~ $10Medium Step-by-Step Guide
DOGDATA (ETHERBONE)130 EtherBONE ~ N/AEasy Step-by-Step Guide
GOALTIME N (GTX)20 GTX ~ $8Very easy Step-by-Step Guide
PIMONX (PIMONX)1,000 PIMONX ~ $5Very easy Step-by-Step Guide
BULLION EXCHANGE (eBLX)1,000 eBLX ~ $10Very easy TelegramStep-by-Step Guide
ZELF (ZELF)€5Very easy TelegramStep-by-Step Guide
SENSE CHAT (SENSE)500 SENSE ~ N/AVery easy EmailStep-by-Step Guide
CLOUDCOIN (CC)100 CC ~ N/AMedium Step-by-Step Guide
PRONET COIN (PNC)0.025 PNC ~ $0,50MediumStep-by-Step Guide
FUNDERONE (UBETS)25 UBETS ~ $25Easy Step-by-Step Guide
FIPERCASH (FPC)200 FPC ~ $20Easy Step-by-Step Guide
DOGDATA (ETHBN)24 ETHBN ~ N/AEasy Step-by-Step Guide
GEOMA DAO (GMD)12.75 GMD ~ $12,75EasyStep-by-Step Guide
K-TUNE (KTT)50 KTT ~ $6Very easy Step-by-Step Guide
BOOSTCHAIN (BSTKN)2500 BSTKN ~ $10Very easyStep-by-Step Guide
WINSOR TOKEN (WST)50 WST ~ $1Easy Step-by-Step Guide
TYGA (TYGA)10 TYGA ~ $3,50MediumStep-by-Step Guide
ECOIN (ECOIN)750 ECOIN ~ $4Very easyStep-by-Step Guide
XPAY PRO (XPAY)912,500 XPAY ~ N/AEasy Step-by-Step Guide
SIKOBA (SKO)12 SKO ~ $5Easy Step-by-Step Guide
TRUST WALLET (TWT)100 TWT ~ N/AVery easyStep-by-Step Guide
PEACE TOKEN (PCT)60 PCT ~ $4,20Fácil Step-by-Step Guide
COWRIUM (CWR)80 CWR ~ $6Easy Step-by-Step Guide
BAZOOKA TOKEN (BAZ)18 BAZ ~ $0,83Medium Step-by-Step Guide
MULTIPLYCOIN (MYC)100 MYC ~ $30Easy Step-by-Step Guide
GETH.PRO (GETH)31 GETH ~ $3,10Easy Step-by-Step Guide
SITKOIN (SIT)10 SIT ~ $12Easy Step-by-Step Guide
BREXILY (EVR)10 EVR ~ N/AVery easyStep-by-Step Guide
JUIICE (JUI)65,000 JUI ~ $13MediumStep-by-Step Guide
QUANTUM GENERATION (QUBIT)170 QUBIT ~$42,50Medium Step-by-Step Guide
ARC IRIS (ACI)350 ACI ~ $17,50Easy Step-by-Step Guide
JDX COIN (JDXU)250 JDXU ~ $25Medium Step-by-Step Guide
GLOBAL GAMING (GMNG)2,500 GMNG ~ $25Medium Step-by-Step Guide
OPTIMUS EXCHANGE (OPTX)72,000 OPTX ~ $24Medium Step-by-Step Guide
NIXMA (NXC)100 NXC ~ $5Medium Step-by-Step Guide
BITFOREX (BF)30 BF ~ N/AMedium Step-by-Step Guide
BITPHANTOM (BTF)0,2 BTF ~ N/AEasy Step-by-Step Guide
GECHAIN (GE)350 GE ~$25,55Easy Step-by-Step Guide
ETHLYTE (ETHLYTE)40,000 ETHLYTE Prize PoolMediumStep-by-Step Guide
Aeron x CryptoBonusMiles (ARN/CBM)Win tokens worth up to $100Easy Step-by-Step Guide
BITMAT (BMT)400 BMT ~ $5EasyStep-by-Step Guide
BSTC (BSTC)8 BSTC ~ $3,50Medium Step-by-Step Guide
REAL KOYN (RKYN)54 RKYN ~ $13,50Easy Ends: N/AStep-by-Step Guide
GLOBAL RENTAL TOKEN (GRT)30,000 GRT ~ $13,30Easy Step-by-Step Guide
LYNX WALLET (LYNX)Earn Crypto while playing GamesEasy Step-by-Step Guide
P2P GLOBAL NETWORK (P2PX)5,000 P2PX ~ N/AMedium Step-by-Step Guide
BURENCY (BUY)50 BUY ~ $7MediumStep-by-Step Guide
KULAP EXCHANGE (KUL)700 KUL ~ N/AMedium Step-by-Step Guide
DRONAIR PROJECT (DAIR)DAIR ~ $10Easy Step-by-Step Guide
BITPANDA ACADEMY (BEST)BEST ~ $5Medium Step-by-Step Guide
FINEXCA EXCHANGE (FNG)255 FNG ~ $15Medium Step-by-Step Guide
MYBILLCASH (BILLS)3 BILLS ~ $3Easy Step-by-Step Guide (GUIDE)100 GUIDE ~ $17Easy Step-by-Step Guide
FINGERSNAP (FST)500 FST ~ $12Easy Step-by-Step Guide
STEPCHAIN (STEP)6,000 STEP ~ $6MediumStep-by-Step Guide
DAIN.AI (DAINE)833 DAINE ~ $10Easy Step-by-Step Guide
MORCRYPTO EXCHANGE (MOR)60 MOR ~ $30Easy Step-by-Step Guide
JIL TOKENS (JILT)35 JILT ~ $7Easy Step-by-Step Guide
ANGEL TOKEN (ANGEL)20 ANGEL ~ $2Easy Step-by-Step Guide
MULTICHAIN VENTURES (TKS)160 TKS ~ $8Easy Step-by-Step Guide
1st TRADE (FRT)290 FRT ~ $17,40Easy Step-by-Step Guide
DELTA EXCHANGE (BTC)BTC ~ $10Easy Step-by-Step Guide
POCKERO NETWORK (PCKO)200 PCKO ~ $15Medium Step-by-Step Guide
NETSPOT SOLUTIONS (NETT)8 NETT ~ $2Very easy Step-by-Step Guide
BONUS BITCOIN (BTC)Claim BTC every 15 minutesVery easy Step-by-Step Guide
I-PRO TOKEN (IPR)10 IPR ~ $5,50Medium Step-by-Step Guide
BITRUE (BTT)1000 BTT ~ N/AMediumStep-by-Step Guide
COINGEO (XLAB)1,000 XLAB ~ $1,15Very easy Step-by-Step Guide
VERASITY (VRAB & BTC)Prize PoolMedium Step-by-Step Guide
BITDOLLAR FUND (CPRO)505 CPRO ~ $25,25Medium Step-by-Step Guide
TREX EXCHANGE (TXTE)35 TXTE ~ N/AEasy Step-by-Step Guide
FRELDO (FRECNX)4 FRECNX ~ $1,40Easy Step-by-Step Guide
PROPERSIX (PRO6)100 PRO6 ~ $1Medium Step-by-Step Guide
MYSTERY GHOST TOKEN (MGT)1,000 MGT ~ $1,80Medium Step-by-Step Guide
PECO (PECO)150 PECO ~ N/AVery easy Step-by-Step Guide
LINO (LINO)100 LINO ~ N/AVery easyStep-by-Step Guide
OKAYAMA (YAMA)500 YAMA ~ $5Medium Step-by-Step Guide
DITCOIN (DITC)100 DITC ~ $4Easy Step-by-Step Guide
HAWK NETWORK (HAWK)HAWK ~ $10Medium Step-by-Step Guide
SECURED GOLD COIN (SGC)10.5 SGC ~ $10,50MediumStep-by-Step Guide
SAFEPOST (STAMP)4,500 STAMP ~ $7MediumStep-by-Step Guide
New round
8,500 SNAC ~ $7MediumStep-by-Step Guide
TACHYON PROTOCOL (VSYS)22 VSYS ~ $1,50MediumStep-by-Step Guide
NAVIBRATION (NAVI)300 NAVI ~$3Easy Step-by-Step Guide
LIQUIDAPPS (DAPP)50 DAPP ~ $1Medium Step-by-Step Guide
SINGAPORE DOLLAR COIN (SDC)200 SDC ~$100Medium Step-by-Step Guide
RIWIGO (RIWI)75 RIWI ~ $7,50Easy Step-by-Step Guide
BLOCBOX (BLX)75 BLX ~ $5Easy Step-by-Step Guide
NEO SMART ENERGY (NSE)1 NSE ~ $10Easy Step-by-Step Guide
BITMOVIO (MVBIT)500 MVBT ~$0,50 + entriesMediumStep-by-Step Guide
DIROPIA (DGDX)5 DGDX ~ N/AVery easyStep-by-Step Guide
ONIGIRI (ONI)10 ONI ~ $5Easy Step-by-Step Guide
QUUBE (QRP)36 QRP ~$18Easy Step-by-Step Guide
COINTICK (CTK)1,000 CTK ~ $20Easy Step-by-Step Guide
TANDEM (CREDITS)25,000 CREDITS ~ N/AVery easyStep-by-Step Guide
SWIFTEX (SWFT)10,000 SWFT ~ $4Easy Step-by-Step Guide
HORIZEN (ZEN)Claim ZEN dailyVery easyStep-by-Step Guide
DISTICHAIN (DST)400 DST ~ $4Easy Step-by-Step Guide
ICBCOIN (ICBC)1,500 ICBC ~ $15Easy Step-by-Step Guide
KICKEX (KICK)60,000 KICK ~ $20Easy Step-by-Step Guide
AIGOPAY (XGP)1,000 XGP ~ $20Easy Step-by-Step Guide
QUUBE (QRB)20 QRB ~ $10Easy Step-by-Step Guide
FREELANEX (FLX)7,350 FLX ~ $29,40Medium Step-by-Step Guide
LITTRADEX (LTE)150 LTE ~ $43,75Medium Step-by-Step Guide
TRANSCODIUM (TNS)30 TNS ~ N/AEasy Step-by-Step Guide
STATIZEX (STAT)150 STAT ~ $15Medium Step-by-Step Guide
TEN BILLION COIN (YBY)1,000 YBY ~ $5Easy Step-by-Step Guide
HASANAH (HUT)115 HUT ~ $8Easy Step-by-Step Guide
HALIFAX BURN (HXB)150 HXB ~ N/AEasy Step-by-Step Guide
ALT-TOP (ALTO)14 ALTO ~ $1,96Very easy Step-by-Step Guide
REFORK (EFK)200 EFK ~ $10Easy Step-by-Step Guide
SONICX (SOX)2,500 SOX ~ $10Hard Step-by-Step Guide
REFIND (REFIND)40 COINS ~ N/AVery easy Step-by-Step Guide
SORAIX (SRX)280 SRX ~ $12,50Easy Step-by-Step Guide
BLUE BAIKAL (BBC)4,000 BBC ~$3,35Medium Step-by-Step Guide
BITQUANT (BQT)400 BQT ~ $8,30Very easy Step-by-Step Guide
RACHELX (RACH)120 RACH ~ $1,20Medium Step-by-Step Guide
SOCIAL BLOCK (SBK)100 SBK ~ N/AEasy Step-by-Step Guide
SAY TOKEN (SAY)2,000 SAY ~ N/AVery easy Step-by-Step Guide
EZ365 (EZ365)175 EZ365 ~ $17,50Medium Step-by-Step Guide
DISCOIN (DISCOIN)75 DISCOIN ~ $2Easy Step-by-Step Guide
EASY FEEDBACK TOKEN (EFT)100 EFT ~ $5Medium Step-by-Step Guide
ELAD NETWORK (ELAD)20 ELAD ~ $1,75Easy Step-by-Step Guide
YOBI (MYOB)3 MYOB ~ $3Easy Step-by-Step Guide
4XBIT (4XB)10 4XB ~ $5Medium Step-by-Step Guide
VERUS ESTATE (VERS)550 VERS ~ N/AEasy Step-by-Step Guide
MAECANAS (ART)80 ART ~ $5Easy Step-by-Step Guide
NOVA MINING (NOVA)500 NOVA ~ $5Easy Step-by-Step Guide
PROJECT WITH (WIKEN)150 WIKEN ~ $1,50Easy Step-by-Step Guide
ACCOMODATION COIN (ACCO)225 ACCO ~ N/AEasy Step-by-Step Guide
TICO EXCHANGE (TICO)150 TICO ~ N/AVery easy Step-by-Step Guide
FUNNYTOKEN (FUNTO)30 FUNTO ~ $12Easy Step-by-Step Guide
ENOD ECOSYSTEM (ENOD)250 ENOD ~ $5Easy Step-by-Step Guide
MAXBURN (XMB)5 XMB ~ $25EasyStep-by-Step Guide
TRUEUSD (TUSD)7 TUSD ~ $7Hard Step-by-Step Guide
BLOCKCHAIN MUSIC (BMC)2,000 BMC ~ $4Very easyStep-by-Step Guide
RIZEX (RZX)10,000 RZX ~ $6EasyStep-by-Step Guide
BRANDPROTECT (BRAND)10 BRAND ~ $5EasyStep-by-Step Guide
PYNK (PYNK)PYNK ~ N/AVery easyStep-by-Step Guide
TIXL (TXL)100 TXL ~ $4Very easyStep-by-Step Guide
CO-DEX (COD1)250 COD1 ~ $12,50Medium Step-by-Step Guide
BIMCOIN (BIM)1,000,000 BIM ~ $10Easy Step-by-Step Guide
NIMEDIX (NiM)70 NiM ~ $7Easy Step-by-Step Guide
ICOIN (ICOIN)16 ICOIN ~ $16Medium Step-by-Step Guide
KRYPTOREDEEM (KRT)27 KRT ~ $15Medium Step-by-Step Guide
BYZBIT (BYT)10 BYT ~ $5Easy Step-by-Step Guide
VOLUTO (VOLUTO)$10Very easy Step-by-Step Guide
LIVETREE (SED)5 SED ~ $5Very easy Step-by-Step Guide
REFLEXION (XRLO)105 XRLO ~ $20Very easy Step-by-Step Guide
TOK APP (TOK)4.25 TOK ~ $4,25EasyStep-by-Step Guide
GLOBAL CURRENCY UNIT (GCU)25,000 GCU ~ $1,500EasyStep-by-Step Guide
FOG COIN (FOG)1 FOG ~ $2,50EasyStep-by-Step Guide
GLOBAL CRYPTO NEWS (CALL)1,500 CALL ~ $40EasyStep-by-Step Guide
IZICHAIN (IZI)50 IZI ~$21EasyStep-by-Step Guide
RHOVIT (RBIT)40 RBIT ~$10Medium Step-by-Step Guide
OILWELLCOIN (OILD)1 OILD ~ $3,75Hard Step-by-Step Guide
I-CHAIN (ICA)500 ICA ~ $2,50EasyStep-by-Step Guide
Round 2
1,400 CKM ~ $3,50Medium Step-by-Step Guide
Round 2
800 NIRX ~ $2,40EasyStep-by-Step Guide
PO8 (PO8)3,000 PO8 ~ $24EasyStep-by-Step Guide
NPCOIN (NPC)30 NPC ~ $0,50EasyStep-by-Step Guide
KHIPU (KIP)$15,500 Prize PoolEasyStep-by-Step Guide
ZOOOMEX (ZXE)363 ZXE ~ $10,89EasyStep-by-Step Guide
ANIMALGO (GOM)75 GOM ~ $3Medium Step-by-Step Guide
SALIK (SLK)100 SLK ~$8EasyStep-by-Step Guide
NAIRAX (NIRX)1,100 NIRX ~ $3EasyStep-by-Step Guide
REFLEXION (XRLO)85 XRLO ~ $12EasyStep-by-Step Guide
CAPTAIN BITCOIN (BTC)$15,000 Prize PoolVery easy Step-by-Step Guide
NETCURRENCYINDEX (NCI)50 NCI ~ $3,40EasyStep-by-Step Guide
COMNO NETWORK (CMO)100 CMO ~ $20EasyStep-by-Step Guide
BLOCKNODE (BND)90 BND ~ N/AMedium Step-by-Step Guide
DOCTAILOR (DOCT)35 DOCT ~$32Medium Step-by-Step Guide
ORIONIX (ORX)400 ORX ~ $40EasyStep-by-Step Guide
CADINEX (CDN)1500 CDN ~ $97,50Easy Step-by-Step Guide
BTCNEXT (RND)10 RND ~ $10Easy Step-by-Step Guide
EUNO (EUNO)25 EUNO ~ N/AEasy Step-by-Step Guide
HUNIBIT (HNI)300 HNI ~ $3Very easyStep-by-Step Guide
PRODUCT PROTOCOL (PPO)12,000 PPO ~ $10Medium Step-by-Step Guide
SOCIALGOOD (SC)SG ~ $1Very easyStep-by-Step Guide
Round 2
6,250 AIGO ~ $25EasyStep-by-Step Guide
SKYRIM NETWORK (UNI + FT)60 UNI + FT ~$15EasyStep-by-Step Guide
VSYSTEMS (VSYS)400 VSYS ~ $52Hard Step-by-Step Guide
PLASMAPAY (PBK)250 PBK ~ $5MediumStep-by-Step Guide
INNOU (INNOU)120 INNOU ~ $11EasyStep-by-Step Guide
MIMIDI (MMD)500 MMD ~ $10EasyStep-by-Step Guide
TRUSTDEX (TDC)10 TDC ~ $10Hard Step-by-Step Guide
MINEDBLOCK (MBTX)200 MBTX ~ $20Easy Step-by-Step Guide
MPCX (XDMC)100 XDMX ~ $5Easy Step-by-Step Guide
ELYNET (ELYX)ElyX ~ $5Easy Step-by-Step Guide
HOMEBLOC (HOM)70 Entries ~ N/AEasy Step-by-Step Guide
CPS (CPS)25 CPS ~ $2,50Easy Step-by-Step Guide
COINFIELD ($)$10Hard Step-by-Step Guide
SATT (SATT)1,000 SATT ~ $4,20Medium Step-by-Step Guide
MINGLECHAIN (MC)150 MC ~ $21Medium Step-by-Step Guide
300-FIT (FIT)150 FIT ~ $4,50Easy Step-by-Step Guide
BARTEOS (BTE)400 BTE ~ $20Medium Step-by-Step Guide
SIXDOMAINCHAIN100 tokens ~ N/AEasy Step-by-Step Guide
XR WEB (XR)20 XR ~ N/AEasy Step-by-Step Guide
PARTICL (PART)Lifetime staking sharesMediumStep-by-Step Guide
DIGIWILLS (DGW)7,000 DGW ~ $63Easy Step-by-Step Guide
Q DAO (USDQ)8 USDQ ~ $8Easy Step-by-Step Guide
PI NETWORK (PI)PI ~ N/AEasy Step-by-Step Guide
VITE (VITE)1,000 VITE ~ $40Medium Step-by-Step Guide
ZITOKEN (ZIT)400 ZIT ~ $20Easy Step-by-Step Guide
LUNOX (LNX)2,000 LNX ~ N/AVery easy Step-by-Step Guide
ZILLIQA by INFINITO (ZIL)400 ZIL ~ $8MediumStep-by-Step Guide
RESERVE (RSR)400 RSR ~ N/AEasy Step-by-Step Guide
TRANSLATEME (TMN)600 TMN ~ $12Medium Step-by-Step Guide
BANK OF HODLERS (BOH)100 BOH ~ $20Very easyStep-by-Step Guide
BLOCKCART (BCART)75 BCART ~ $1,50Very easy Step-by-Step Guide
OZCHAIN (OZC)300 OZC ~ N/AEasyStep-by-Step Guide
DIPCHAIN (DIPC)300 DIPC ~ $6EasyStep-by-Step Guide
SLOTHEE (SLO)50 SLO ~ $4Very easy Step-by-Step Guide
IMBA EXCHANGE (IMBA)1,500 IMBA ~ N/AVery easy Step-by-Step Guide
CREDITS NETWORK (CS)20,000 CS ~ N/AEasy Step-by-Step Guide
LIMUSK (LMK)1,500 LMK ~ $10Easy Step-by-Step Guide
O2O CHAIN (SOC)100 SOC ~ $7Very easy Step-by-Step Guide
GSTAR (GOX)0.3 GOX ~ $3Easy Step-by-Step Guide
INGOT FAMILY (ICC)5 ICC ~ $5Easy Step-by-Step Guide
AMUSE (AMS)200 AMS ~ $2MediumStep-by-Step Guide
YANU (YANU)50 YANU ~ $5Easy Step-by-Step Guide
OATH PROTOCOL (OATH)700 OATH ~$4,90Medium Step-by-Step Guide
YES WALLET (YSW)100 YSW ~ $50Easy Step-by-Step Guide
XPRIVATE CHAT (XPC)1,000 XPC ~ $10Hard Step-by-Step Guide
AUTHPAPER (AUPC)100 AUPC ~ 0.1 ETHVery easy Step-by-Step Guide
ADVERTISING TOKEN (AVT)100 AVT ~ N/AVery easy Step-by-Step Guide
COINHE (CHT)15 CHT ~ $7,50Easy Step-by-Step Guide
HASHNET BITECO (HNB)10 HNB ~ N/AVery easy Step-by-Step Guide
ERUBICOIN (ERBC)300 ERBC ~ $0,90Very easy Step-by-Step Guide
BLUCON (ET + BEP)388 ET + 150 BEP ~ $10Easy Step-by-Step Guide
NETRUM (NTR)1 NTR ~$0,90EasyStep-by-Step Guide
WINBIX (WBX)WBX ~ N/AEasyStep-by-Step Guide
FUSION COIN (XFC)0.5 XFC ~ $1,60EasyStep-by-Step Guide
BLUEBELT (BBXC)30 BBXC ~$27MediumStep-by-Step Guide
ARGENTAS (AXU)12,499 AXU ~ $16 USDVery easyStep-by-Step Guide
REPUBLIC (NTE)11 NTE ~ $11Very easyStep-by-Step Guide
RTREE (RTREE)1,200 RTREE ~ N/AMediumStep-by-Step Guide
FLETA (FLETA)20 FLETA ~ $2EasyStep-by-Step Guide
ANTUBE (DTA)5,000 DTA ~ $7MediumStep-by-Step Guide
COINHATCHER (CHT + BAND)50 CHT + 2 BAND ~ $7EasyStep-by-Step Guide
UNIVERSITY OF BLOCKCHAIN (UBAI)150 UBA ~ $15Hard Step-by-Step Guide
TIPESTRY (TIPCONS)375 TIPCPOINS ~ $15MediumStep-by-Step Guide
SWISSBORG (CHSB)50 CHSB ~ N/AMediumStep-by-Step Guide
COINNESS (CNNS)505 CNNS ~ $7,60MediumStep-by-Step Guide
AMPLIFY EXCHANGE (AMPX)500 AMPX ~ $50HardStep-by-Step Guide
COINRIE (CRE)$5 + 50 CREVery easyStep-by-Step Guide
KONSTELLATION (DARC)25 DARC ~$5Easy Step-by-Step Guide
EVEN FOUNDATION (EVEN)1,000 EVEN ~ $1Hard Step-by-Step Guide
GEMSTRA (GEMS)GEMS ~ $20Medium Step-by-Step Guide
EDEN.BEST (EDEN)1,000 EDEN ~ $6,50Hard Step-by-Step Guide
TAKLIMAKAN (TAN)20 TAN ~ $10Easy Step-by-Step Guide
TRADE NEXI (NEXI)500 NEXI ~ $12,50Easy Step-by-Step Guide
COINANALYST (POINTS)3 Points ~ n.a.Very easy TelegramStep-by-Step Guide
HUOBI WALLET (TRX)1000 TRX, ANTE, IGG, POPPY or SEEDEasy Step-by-Step Guide
DARE (TNC)15 TNC ~ $9Easy Step-by-Step Guide
UBECOIN (UBE) Round 275 UBE ~ $18,80Easy Step-by-Step Guide
VODI X (VDX)120 VDX ~ $12Easy Step-by-Step Guide
HAVAEX (HVX)150 HVX ~ n.a.Medium Step-by-Step Guide
HYPNOXYS (HYPX)24,000 HYPX ~ $7,20Easy Step-by-Step Guide
OMNITY (OM)20 OM ~ $15EasyStep-by-Step Guide
DAILY COIN NEWS (DN)1250 DN ~ n.a.Easy Step-by-Step Guide
QUIGIG (QUIGS)240 QUIGS ~ $12Very easy Step-by-Step Guide
CRYPTOMOOD (YUP)YUP ~ n.a.Easy Step-by-Step Guide
BITVALVE (BTV)16 BTV ~ $3,20EasyStep-by-Step Guide
BELACAM (BELA)15 BELA ~ $0.15EasyStep-by-Step Guide
VELIC (VELT + ICX)1800 VELT + 25 ICXC ~ $25.50Medium Step-by-Step Guide
WATCHUGOT (WUG)WUG ~ $15Medium Step-by-Step Guide
CURVEBLOCK (CBUK)50 CBUK ~ $13Medium Step-by-Step Guide
BRAIN SPACE (IMP)250 IMP ~ $20Medium Step-by-Step Guide
SPARKPOINT (SPRK)70k SPRK ~ $3,50Easy Step-by-Step Guide
BTCEX (BXC)60 BXC ~ $15Easy Step-by-Step Guide
SAITERM (SAIEX)Stakes ~ n.a.Hard Step-by-Step Guide
HYPERIONX (HYPE) ROUND 27500 HYPE ~ n.a.EasyStep-by-Step Guide
HYGH (HYGH)100 HYGH ~ $5Medium Step-by-Step Guide
BITHER FOUNDATION (BTR)25 BTR ~ $30Very easy Step-by-Step Guide
XPCHAIN (XPC)XPC ~ n.a.Easy Step-by-Step Guide
BTMORE (USDT)5 USDT ~ $5Very easy Step-by-Step Guide
KRONN (KREX)10 KREX ~ $1.20Very easy Step-by-Step Guide
CRYPTOPROFILE (CP)50 CP ~ $5EasyStep-by-Step Guide
PRECIUM (PCM)100 PCM ~ $4EasyStep-by-Step Guide
SOCIALCRYPT (SCG)900 SCG ~ $18EasyStep-by-Step Guide
ERECOIN (ERE)150 ERE ~ $10EasyStep-by-Step Guide
DECENTRAX (DCX)2 DCX ~ $5EasyStep-by-Step Guide
Final Round
55 OODL ~ $27.50EasyStep-by-Step Guide
MULTRA (MTT)50 MTT ~ $3.50EasyStep-by-Step Guide
BRED EXCHANGE (BRED)100 BRED ~ $5Easy Step-by-Step Guide
PRESEARCH (PRE)25 PRE ~ $1Very easyStep-by-Step Guide
TRUXIR (TIR)500 TIR ~ $20EasyStep-by-Step Guide
EOSINTEREST (EOSiNT)30 EOSiNT ~ $30EasyStep-by-Step Guide
REVIEW.NETWORK (REW)150 REW ~ n/aVery easyStep-by-Step Guide
ALTEXCH (ALTEXCH)100 tokens ~ $10Very easyStep-by-Step Guide
VERTEX (VTEX)55 VTEX ~ $16.50MediumStep-by-Step Guide
IZIChain (IZI)50 IZI ~ $5Very easyStep-by-Step Guide
FreeBitco.inWin BTCVery easyStep-by-Step Guide
FLEXION (FXN)100 FXN ~ $5Very easyStep-by-Step Guide

Beginner’s Guide to Airdrops

What are Airdrops?

Crypto currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum have become commonly known over recent years, and there are more and more people wanting to get in on the action. NFTs are gaining in popularity alongside these cryptocurrencies. Several NFT apps have also joined the market, supporting both desktop and mobile devices, recognizing the new trend. Users must, however, verify the app’s validity before using it. So called ‘Airdrops’ are a way in which anyone can take up this outstanding opportunity!

One receives new Coins free of charge from Airdrops, by doing different tasks on social media. This includes, for example, “liking” a post, or “sharing” an article. An Airdrop will reward you, so to speak, for the fact that you are advertising a new project – a win-win situation for everyone involved.

But one thing you should be aware of beforehand: You don’t get rich overnight with Airdrops!

At first, some preparation is required to participate in an Airdrop. Secondly, it sometimes takes weeks or months to get the coins from an Airdrop. Airdrops are usually performed before the introduction of a new crypto currency. The Airdrops should generate attention for the project and present the corresponding coin to a broad mass. In this context one often hears of the Initial Coin Offering or ICO. The various ICOs usually run for several weeks or months. After completion it takes further time until the corresponding coins from the Airdrop are distributed, and then these can be traded on the different crypto exchanges.

As long as you are aware of the waiting times, you can prepare accordingly, so there is no reason not to take advantage of the opportunities that Airdrops provide. Especially since the value of some Airdrops can reach astronomical heights. The best example is the Ontology Airdrop, which was performed in early 2018. Participants received 1,000 ONT tokens for simply subscribing to the newsletter. The all-time high of the Ontology coin was $10.92, which corresponds to more than $10,000 for 1,000 ONT tokens !

How do you participate in Airdrops?

In the following steps we will take you through all the preparations you should make, if you want to participate in an Airdrop. As already mentioned, these preparations take some time. Then the different Airdrops can be claimed with a few clicks.Create ETH adress (ERC20)An ETH wallet address is almost essential if you want to participate in an Airdrop. This address is needed for more than 90% of all Airdrops. An ETH address can be simplified as your personal account number to which the coins are transferred after an Airdrop.
MyEtherWallet is in our opinion currently the best provider to create an ETH address or wallet. The process is very simple:

1. Open MyEtherWallet web page

2. Click on “Create new Wallet

Create a new wallet

In our experience, method 2 has proven to be the most effective: “By Keystore File”. Here you open your wallet with a password + keystore file.

3. Click on “By Keystore File” and create password. Then click on “Next“.

The password should not be forgotten (❗️), as there is no way to recover it.

4. Download Keystore File

Download Keystore File

The Keystore File should not be lost or shared with anyone! It is best to create different backups of this file, because this file is the only access to the wallet.

5. Click on “Access My Wallet

The personal wallet or ETH address (ERC20) is now created. This can be operated as follows:

6. Click on “Software

Access your new wallet

7. Click on “Keystore File” + click on “Continue“.

8. Upload the previously downloaded file (see point 4)

9. Enter password

You now have access to your wallet. At the top left you will find your personal ETH address. This is the address you have to enter when you are asked for an ETH address or ERC20 address at an Airdrop.

Tip: You don’t have to log into your account to view your coins. You can simply use the website Etherscan. If you enter your ETH address in the search field, the current account balance will appear.

Note: ETH = ERC20

The ETH address is often referred to as the ERC20 address. ERC20 is a standard provided by the Ethereum platform to create new coins. The ERC20 Coins are compatible with the MEW Wallet. Therefore they can be managed without any problems with the MEW Wallet.Create a new email addressIf you want to participate in Crypto Airdrops, you should first create a new email address. You will receive a lot of emails, which could quickly swamp your private email account.

In our experience, Gmail, the email provider of Google, is the best choice, as Gmail offers users webmail access that can be accessed quickly from all devices, anywhere. Create Telegram Account

Telegram is the most important app if you want to participate in the different Airdrops.

Telegram is a messaging platform that focuses on security & encryption of communication. Telegram also allows users to quickly and easily create groups and channels on various topics. Meanwhile almost every blockchain project is represented on Telegram and there are numerous Telegram channels on which the newest Airdrops are listed.

If you participate in an Airdrop, you are often asked for your Telegram name. This usually looks like this: @JanShanti

Sometimes it happens that you are asked for your link to your username. It looks like this:

Tip: With Telegram there is the possibility to add members to channels or groups without their consent. In our experience, this function should be deactivated, otherwise you will quickly lose track:

1. Click on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner

2. Click on “Settings”

3. Click on “Privacy and Security”

4. Click on “Groups”

5. Select “My contacts”

6. Click on “Save”Facebook

The tasks at a Crypto Airdrop often include liking a Facebook page or sharing a specific article. For confirmation you usually have to provide the link to your Facebook account.

A Facebook profile link looks like this:

You can find your Facebook link like this:

1. Access your own profile

2. Click on “More” below the profile picture

3. Click on “Copy link to Profile”TwitterAt numerous Airdrops you will be asked for your Twitter name. It usually looks like this: @JanShanti

From time to time you maybe asked for a link to your username. It looks like this:

Once you have made these preparations, you are ready to participate in a variety of Crypto Airdrops. Sometimes the following additional accounts are needed to participate in further Airdrops:
RedditLinkedInYouTubeInstagramBitcointalkMedium, Discord

Beginner’s Guide to Airdrops: Summary

As the explanations show, a lot of preparation and organization is needed if you want to participate in Airdrops.

However, once the preparations are finished you can quickly and easily participate in new Airdrops – and as the Ontology Airdrops example shows, these can be more than rewarding!

Therefore, Crypto Airdrops are an excellent opportunity if you want to earn money on the Internet or if you want to build your own Crypto Portfolio.